Is free license good for two computers with one (same) email address

I have two computers (desktop & Laptop) with eMClient installed and my email address (1) I have activated the license and am constantly asked to “Activate” on one or the other computers. Can I not use eMClient on both computers with one email address?

eM Client license is for one machine only. For two machines you’ll need two licenses. That is the reason why you get Activate dialog every time you change your machine.

Hi Michal - what if i uninstall eMClient from one of my machine - will your license manager reset the number of licenses (i.e. if i re-install it on another computer will I still be entitled to the free license - my actual second one)??

Installing/reinstalling doesn’t have any effect on licenses. Only activations/deactivations do. So you have to use it on one computer only or generate another free license for another individual.

thanks for answering - this covers my question perfectly

oh oh. I only removed it from second computer. Does that mean I should reinstall it and deactivate it to free up one license for second computer/person?

Ok so I just bought a new computer. Will only be operating one of them once everything is transferred. If there is only 1 free license per email address, how do I get this on my new computer? I am going to download the program again through the website, not transfer it over by cable. ??


simply download the latest version of eM Client to your new computer, install it and then activate using the same Free activation key - it should re-activate without any problems.

That’s what I thought. I didn’t save my activation key.
Is there a way to send to my email ddress at reptep@tx.rrcom


No problem - I have just send you the email with your license key.

How long the free license product will work?? or it will be expired after any certain period of time.

Free licences are extended automatically.

When I went to get a licence for the XP computer I just put this great email program on it said that I cannot get one since they both have the same address … How can I get the other licence?

Hi, you have to register it under another email address. One free license per one email.