Irregular amount of sent copies between outlook & non-outlook IMAP accounts

Evaluating em client with numerous IMAP accounts using version

When in Tools/Settings/Mail/Send the option „Save copy of sent messages in „Sent“ folder“ is ticked, 2 mails are put into any of my outlook account (IMAP) „sent“ folder, but only 1 in my non-outlook account. When this option is not ticked I get 1 mail in outlook, and none in non-outlook (IMAP).

I’d like to get exactly 1 copy on each of my accounts. In Thunderbird I could specify this for every account. Any way this can be configured?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Phil,
unfortunately this is not configurable at the moment. I’ve marked this down in our feature request list.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Olivia,
what a shame. Thanks anyway.