iPadOS, after deleting a mail, wrong mail is shown


I’ve configured a swipe action in emClient, latest available version, on my iPad to delete a message when swiping to the right.

Guess this does not matter, though. Anyway, when deleting a message, the next message in global inbox gets selected.

At least the message below gets an appropriate background, however, the content panel on the right, does not display the content of this automatically selected message, it always shows the first available message from the global inbox. That means the top item.

This is not random, this can be reproduced anytime.

Can you please fix this?

Edit: OK, it was reproducible so far. After a refreshing the inboxes, swiping down, and after a new message arrived, again deleting an old message, the next message gets perfectly selected.

Nevertheless, what I’ve described above can been seen various times in the past. Don’t know for sure if the refrshing was the trigger for not seeing the issue at the moment or switching to a different app i n the meantime?

Edit2: It’s back again, with a different behaviour. Now, when deleting any message from the global inbox, the previously selected message still has focus. It’s not the next message it’s one I’ve marked before for reading.

To be fair enough,mthere is no setting at all,that allows me to tell the app, what should happen if I delete a message. E.g. select the next unread (what happens if there is none), select the previous or the next message.