IP address for backup location

Hello everyone,

Can you please add the option that you can also specify an IP address as a backup location ?
Using a drive letter as a backup location can be a security issue.
Because I want to back up all emails to my NAS server.
All programs etc. always have access to a drive letter on Windows.
While using an IP address, the folder cannot be made visible to Windows.
I would like that very much.
So backing up makes sense to me too.
If I already have a NAS, I want to get the most out of it.

Thanks !



Suggest to Map the IP address backup folder to a drive letter and then set permissions on that backup folder so only you have access to it.

That’s the problem.
Since all programs etc. then have access to the drive letter.
Only the “eM Client” should have access to this.
Such a folder is quickly deleted.
Usually doesn’t happen.
But I want to be absolutely sure.
I’m the only one with access to the PC.
Only I test a lot of all kinds of things in software.
That’s why I make several backups of really everything.