iOS Synced Contacts Note Lines All End with "r"

My contacts are in Google Contacts and sync’d to iOS. If a contact is edited or a new contact is created in eM Client, once synced with iOS, every line/row in the notes field ends with a lower case “r”; even the blank lines/rows. This does not occur when it sync’s to Google contacts. Does anyone have a solution?

This is caused by the iOS device.

Most other clients know how to work with both Linux and Windows newlines, so there is no problem. But Apple apparently doesn’t so creates their own standard which results in this issue when syncing with Google.

Can you please open a support ticket directly with iOS/Apple.

Thanks Greg. Sounds like an Apple thing of them to do. I will create the Apple support ticket.

Does eM Client 9.1 rectify this issue?

The issue is with the iOS app that is adding these characters.You will need to ask Apple to follow normal standards for newlines and not add these characters.