It appears that the new structure of the “Reminders” app in iOS 13 has changed the way Reminders are saved on the server.  I now get an error when syncing with iCloud reminders in the tasks section of Emclient.  Any ideas on how we can get this to work again?

Have the same Problems

What version of eM Client are you using?

Me version:   7.2.36694.0

I’m on version 7.2.36465.0


Add me to the list with this problem.  I accidentally updated my iOS reminders today and eM Client no longer see’s them.

There is now a single reminder:

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eM Client version: 7.2.36694.0

Same Problem here

eM Client version: 7.2.36694.0

It looks like Apple may no longer be using CalDAV for reminders and went with their own proprietary system.  Just incase I’ve gone and just created Calendar events for all my reminders.  Sucks if that’s the case.  Hopefully eM Client can figure out if it will be possible to support the new reminders (or if there’s a way to switch back on Apple’s end)

At this point I’ve switched over to syncing reminders with my account.  It was a bit frustrating as they are a bit more limited then iCloud (seems they want start/due dates to be 12am or weird things happen) and there’s a bug (in eM Client?) where the timezone is wrong if you set the account up as, so I had to configure an Exchange account.  Seems to be working and the IOS reminders app works well with them (you can even set the account as the default).  I sure hope Apple either opens their new architecture up (lol, I know), or at least doesn’t decide to some day move Calendar and/or Contacts away from CalDAV/CardDAV.

thx for this Terry
Works good for me

I have the problem, but can’t add the Outlook account because of the 2 account limitation; at least I know now that it is not me - I’m a newbie on emClient. Will hope for a fix.

Dont activate the Email Account. You need just the calender

Yes, the limit is 2 email accounts, but you can have as many additional CalDAV and CardDAV accounts as you wish. 

I believe that does support CalDAV. To set that up go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account.

I am not sure if setting up the account using the automatic setup and then disabling the IMAP/SMTP service will work Chri. That might still be counted as an email account. Would be interesting to know.

Just a note on Outlook reminders in eM Client.  I’ve been having issues where whenever I change (or complete) a task it duplicates it.  I have an issue filed with support and my logs have been passed on to development.  I’m not sure if this is isolated to just me, but if you see similar behavior, you’re not alone.

For now I’m just using the Microsoft To Do app to deal with reminders.  It’s not ideal, but for now it works. 

I’ve tried this, and em client doesn’t object to anything, but nothing appears. I suspect I have the wrong server address, but I can’t find the right one anywhere. Can’t even confirm that outlook does support such export. Can anyone help here?

same problem with version 7.2.36908

Is there a solution for IOS13 users to sync their reminders?