Ios app not synching in background?

So when the app is open but in the background it does not appear to update/synch. Is that the expected behaviour?

Yes that is how it currently works.

When you put the app in the background you will get the new mail push notifications from the top of the iPad appear and also appear on the eM Client icon with a badge (when that is fixed hopefully in the next update) where “you then need to press on either one” to then fetch and download the new email.

Is there any plan to have at least an option for the iOS em Client to sync automatically in the background?

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There is nothing like that on iOS. On iOS apps can’t run in the background at all. That’s why push notifications are necessary.


It’s strange that other email applications can do this. A notification arrives, a badge appears on the icon, and new messages are already loaded when the application is opened. EmClient loads messages only after opening the application, which usually takes around 15 seconds.

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We’ve done a really complex research and development about that. Can you name the app(s) that works like that? For iOS native app there is an exception, that one can really handle things in background.
For Outlook it may looks a bit faster, because Microsoft routes email communication via his own servers (violating privacy of their users) and not necessarily connects directly to IMAP server. Gmail app does not use IMAP for its native app, so it can grab the new messages rather quickly.


Yes, they are, for example, the Spark or Airmail applications, when you open the application, the emails are usually already loaded. These apps also don’t take up as much storage space as EmClient. I like your application and would like to use it, but the slow loading of new messages along with the huge space it takes up on the disk is embarrassing. We have already discussed it together via email.

I woould second Airmail and Spark - they may not actively be receiving email in the background as soon as you open them up it seems to be almost instantaneous.

Its the same with when they are started after being fully closed, they are far far quicker than EMC in loading up new emails

I’ve circled around the hood and found that EMC Windows client is snappiest with least system impact and I like the simplicity of the GUI + flexibility of Setting. I guess I’ve found the right Windows client.

However I came here to read what’s up with their iOS app. I have to test it for few days but I hope Email sync in background or fast load of new emails upon app open is fast enough. That’s a pretty important factor when choosing mobile email client!

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Yes, they can, with limitations of course. See Apple information on Backgroud Refresh here and here.

As stated in the links “With Background App Refresh, suspended apps can check for updates and new content.”

If Emclient had widgets that displayed your inbox (as many apps do, including Outlook and Gmail) the widget wouldn’t refresh until you opened the app and updated your inbox, rendering it completely useless.

Imagine third party weather app widgets that just never refreshed until you opened the app…