"Invite to eM Client"

I installed your product this past week and liked what I was experiencing. However, when I went to send an email invite to my husband I noticed the default is to send it to all contacts. I carefully un-ticked them all and chose just my husband to get the email invite; at least that what I thought I was doing. I took a random sample of my contacts. It appears that every one of my contacts with an email address got that invite! My husband also got a text! Yikes! He thinks your product gave me a virus. I am holding out on that theory. But I’m just short of furious, not to mention embarrassed that this happened. First off, how do I get “invite to EM Client” out of view and off the top of the page? It should be a hidden option. Secondly, please tell me what might have happened so that I don’t have to be concerned with it happening again. Nice way to be introduced to your product! I look forward to your explanation and solution to this matter.

There are a couple of existing issues I’ve raised about this. If you vote for them by clicking on their “+1” links, I think it’s more likely that they’ll be addressed.

The first is a suggestion to remove the marketing functionality for paying users. (See here.)

Secondly, you have broken eM Client’s terms of service. The terms of use state that users must promise to not use the program or service to send content that “constitutes unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk or bulk e-mail (“spamming”)”. If you think it’s not a good idea that eM Client includes this functionality despite it causing you to break your agreement, vote here.

I’ve been using eM Client for about a month, and while its feature set is impressive, its implementation is poor. The software is unreliable and frustrating to use. Hopefully you won’t experience much of that, though.

I’m glad to hear that it’s been brought up as an issue. Not happy to know that I’ve broken the terms of service. It certainly was not intentional. I still would like to know why all of my contacts with email were sent the invite when I specifically chose just one. I’m currently a free user. I understand why the marketing function is included in my version. I just need to trust it. Thanks for getting back to me.

I can assure you that eM Client does not include any virus - we have tested the Invite to eM Client functionality multiple times and were unable to simulate the described behaviour. It has been reported to us multiple times by various users but the problem was caused by user’s inattention in all the cases.
If you provide us the steps needed to reproduce this problem, I will happily test it.

Ah, George, if “multiple” users have the same “inattention” problem while using your product, maybe it’s the product that needs to change. Tools are supposed to be adapted to the way people work, not the other way 'round. And anyway, the tool is starting to piss people off, which is generally NOT considered a good marketing approach.

Like! (or Invite in eM Client parlance!)

If the owners of eM Client think it is wise to spam our contact lists, they are making a serious mistake. Trust is very important in a competitive marketplace and once lost, is difficult to recover.

I understand but eM Client really does not send the Invitations to any unwanted addresses. On the other hand there are all addresses ticked by default so we will re-consider changing this behaviour. Once again sorry for any inconvenience this may caused.

George, I too suggest to get rid of this unwanted-by-most “invite eM client”. I would think you would know today’s users favor (if not demand) “opt-in” not “opt-out” and in this case there is no “Opt Out”.


are you talking about those emails or banner or toolbar button?


tool bar button

“Invite to eM Client” is not visible only for users with pro license.


Count me in on the get rid of the “invite eM client” side. It is totally useless for my purpose and use of eM. At best, stuff it in a drop down menu. This unneeded feature and a few others are preventing me from paying for the software.

Absolutely. Please get rid of ‘invite eM client’. or at least hide it deep in a sub menu.

“Invite to eM Client” is not visible only for users with pro license.


“Invite to eM Client” is not visible only for users with pro license.