Invitations won't go away!

I have 3 invitations that won’t go away. I get the popup that says “your participation status has been updated…” at which time I either send update or not. Whether I Accept, Maybe, or Decline, the event is unchanged and the Invitation comes back. Can anyone help? Windows 7, eM Client 6.0.19714.0

I have the same problem.

Hi, do you use Gmail calendar?


Yes, I’m connected to gmail and google calendar. The invites came from someone else’s google calendar. I don’t think it happens all the time because I have accepted other invitations successfully.

is it still happening even on newest version? This issue has more causes, but some users are reporting that their problem with dismissing was solved. So I want to ask you for same thing.

If not then I will tell you what to do next.


I’m on Version 6.0.19849.0. The problem has not reoccurred since I first reported it. Let’s not worry about it until such time as it happens again. BTW, I’ve only been using it for a while, but this application seems to be (as they say) really-really good!

O, thank you for this information, I am marking this thread as answered.


I just installed 6.0.21054.0 for the first time ever and I am having this invitation issue with a google calendar account. I have 5-6 of the same invite. When I click Accept, Maybe or Decline, it just re-generates itself.

Hi, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on GData logging for the problematic account? Save the settings and restart the application, once you receive the invitation and see the issue again, go back to the advanced settings window and click on Send Logs, please send the logs to my email ([email protected]) and please include a reference link to this forum topic, with the name of the event you’re having issues with (the one you were invited to).

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I just installed for the first time. Version 6.0.20617.0
I have 5 invites that are behaving the same way as reported above. I am also using Google calendar. Is there any way to get rid of these entries?  They do not exist if I look in Google.

This problem was never solved for me, but the problem went away.  I don’t remember how I got rid of the “persistent” invites - I may have had to delete the event from my calendar (each invite is in my calendar too, but in “tentative” status).

Hi Michael, can you make a screenshot of this issue - are these invitations listed in the right sidebar?
Can you maybe export the calendar event before and after you accept the invite and send me the exported .ics file to [email protected]?

Also can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on GData logging for the problematic account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    When the issue occurs again, go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs” and send the logs to my email with a reference link to this forum topic as well.

Are any errors shown while this occurs?

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I’ll send over the files shortly, but first I have more info.

First, Yes this is in the right side bar.

I was able to confirm that the invites are from other people’s calendars and not mine. I was able to ask one of my coworkers to open her calendar and confirm that she had not accepted one of the invites. She accepted it. When I went back to my machine and refreshed the calendar that invite disappeared.

Hi Michael, I’ve submitted the logs to the developers for more information, I’ll keep you posted once I get more information about the issue.

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I just installed 6.0.20648.0 and have the same issue with a number of invitations that will not clear for me.  It even crashed once and I send along the crash report.  I am using Google calendar

Hi Mark, can you try to update to this version of eM Client and check if the issue persists?

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