Invitations and Agenda are syncing with multiple calendars - MAKE IT STOP!

I have multiple calendars in my Google account because I work with 4 people and need to view their calendars from time to time. I accidentally clicked on one of their calendars from the calendar view in EM and now all of that persons invitations and agenda items are showing in EM. I’ve unchecked the calendar for that person but all of their agenda items and invitations remain. I just want to be able to see MY agenda and invitations now. Shouldn’t those items for the other person’s calendar disappear after I uncheck their calendar? When I tried to delete an agenda item of theirs from the agenda in EM it automatically deleted it from their calendar. This is now a HUGE mess because I can’t delete the agenda items that don’t apply to me without deleting them from their calendars and I can’t seem to figure out how to unsync them either. What can I do to fix this?


When you are in calendar by clicking on left bar at calendar, do you see multiple calendars under your email account?

the fact that when you delete anything and they got it deleted too points it this way.


I have the same issue!  I just started using eM Client (used to be an avid Outlook user) and I noticed that I’m getting other people’s invitations and agenda items appearing in the sidebar.  I don’t want to delete them because they’re not mine to begin with.  I’m just sharing their calendar because I either work with them or they’re family.  How can I get these removed from the sidebar without deleting them?  They’re not my appointments!

Correction:  I just figured out how to get the other users’ items out of my Agenda view (by selecting folders in settings for Agenda).  But I still can’t figure out how to remove the Invitations that aren’t mine as I don’t see a setting for this.

We have the same issue. It is very frustrating!

Hi, can you please comment on the issue you’re seeing, possibly make a screenshot of the issue?
what mail service are you using, what version of eM Client are you currently using or are you seeing any errors?

Thank you,