Invitation to an event | Accepting without reply e-mail

When I get an invitation to an event, is there a way to NOT send a reply if I accept it?
Thanks, this is the only thing I need to know before I get the pro version.


Unfortunately in almost all cases you will be asked if you accept or not, this also depends on server settings, but all servers known to me will always send “confirmation question”


Well yes, but there’s also for me a definite need to decide on my own if I want to reply to an invitation or just to set it as a reminder to myself into a calendar.

There are use cases where you don’t want to have an organizer to be notified about your presence :slight_smile:

I understand you, but this is quite problem.

I will give you an example, if you receive invitation by email you can ignore it - there is no problem.
But if you receive invitation straight to calendar it is hard or impossible to overcome any notification as even you go to webmail interface to delete it, almost 100% of email services will take is as ̈"No" and send decline to sender of invitation.

We have no reason to force users to respond, email/calendar servers do this :confused: We could do that it would not show or you would be able just to close confirmation windows but then there will that case when server would take it as no and send it to sender…

I hope you understand this.

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Hi Jan!

Well, the problem is that a “not-sending-reply-Mail”-Feature is available in all other clients like Outlook, Thunderbird… so it is used a lot at all clients I know from time to time (and this is definately a no-go-feature in some business - e.g. Google calendar has also some ugly automation features that really got some clients pissed off).
In the other clients there is just a simple question popping up like “Do you want to send a confirmation mail now?”. If you could just decline or set a default setting - that’s all I think what Andy and I are looking for.

So the workflow is just the normal one in business life: just skipping the reply mail. That shouldn’t be too hard - should it?



I am sorry but I am interpreting response from my colleague who works on this, I doubt that we would tell me this if it would be possible or true.

I understand your concerns but I myself has tested this in outlook 2013 and it really sends message about reject (using email).

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I posted this issue, because I am switching from Thunderbird and in Thunderbird you have the option to select if you want to send a reply.


If I can ask - are you sure that Thunderbird really does not send any information about rejecting your message?

It does not need to be in sent emails or event, but your “calendar” server might think that it is rejected when it got information from TB that it has not been answered.

If TB is really not sending this then I will make my colleague look at it again. Anyway if it will act like this only for some servers and not majority then I am afraid we will not implement it.

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It’s not about sending an email when I decline an invitation.

It’s about sending an email when I accept an invitation. I want to choose if I send an email when I accept an event.

thank you


I was trying to find this in Thunderbird, but apart from being scared by not having calendar and need to implement calendar by plugin, I was unable to find setting which could provide same functionality.

For calendar plugin I have installed “Lighting” as it is judging by TB’s plugin center most used, but nowhere in it’s settings is this option.

Can you tell me where you have found it in TB so I can review how does it work and then tell you if it would be possible in eM Client?

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I’m running the German localized version of Thunderbird - so I can only give you the screenshot of the “Do you want to send a notification reply” - popup coming up after choosing accept / decline / tentative for a meeting invitation.

There is NO special setting if you have Thunderbird together with Lightning/Sunbird. It’s just there :slight_smile:

Ok, just looked up the english translation texts for you in the resources:

imipSendMail.title=E-Mail Notification
imipSendMail.text=Would you like to send out notification E-Mail now?
imipSendMail.Outlook2000CompatMode.text=Support Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002/XP…


many thanks for this, I have sent it to our developers and now I need to wait for response.

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Hi John Galis,

it would be very nice to see this feature. We are right now planning to buy emClient for all of our Windows clients to bind them to your iCal Server.

Best regards
Friedrich Schrader

Are there any news from the developers about this topic?


I have changed this topic to “Idea”

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I need this feature as well. Seeing how it has been under consideration for two years I am assuming it will just not be added. I moved from thunderbird to emclient but looks like I might move back as I need this feature.

What is the status of this? I really need this and it is still not there in the latest version.
BTW Outlook has this option as long as I can remember.
My use case is: I am using multiple calendars (work, private). I am forwarding appointments from work to my private calendar (emClient). Now if I do not have the option to avoid sending a confirmation, the organizer of the meeting gets 2 confirmations - one from my private account which he is not supposed to see or know.
Please add this feature - thats not a big deal. An outlook has this since I can remember.

Also, when I accept or decline the event, mail with the invitation should be archived/removed from Inbox.

I need this feature as well. Sad to see that in five long years no progress has been made whatsoever.