Invitation notification won't go away

I have a Google Calendar invitation that won’t go away (on the right side of Em Client).

The invitation wouldn’t go away before the event occurred, on March 1st, and it still won’t go away. I’ve responded to the notification to accept, decline, and tentative, none persist. The event works properly in Google Calendar itself. I found the invitation email and confirmed that I responded to it in Em Client as well.

I closed Em Client, deleted my local data files, and restarted Em Client, and the problem persists.

Windows 10, Em Client v7.2.34711.0


It is possible that eM Client is unable to remove the event because of an internal error. Please try removing the account and re-configure it again in Menu > Tools > Accounts.


Thanks Russel. I gave that a shot, restarted Em Client after removing the account.

Unfortunately, the invitation notification is still present. No change.


Hello John,

If it’s possible, I’d recommend deleting the event in Google Calendar and re-creating it again. 


Unfortunately I don’t own that event. I can ask that I be removed from the invitation then added back. Would that make any difference?

Hello John,

Yes, this should fix the issue or at least exclude the possibility that the event instance is broken.