Invitation emails deleted on accept

Using eM client on an exchange account, I’ve found that whether or not the exchange account is configured to leave the invite in your inbox or delete it, eM deletes the email after the invite is accepted.  If the meeting organiser has attached an agenda (for example) to the invite, its very easy to loose it.

Can this functionality option switch be built into eM client’s setting?


do the deleted invites move to the Trash or disappear completely, when the server is set to keep the invites in the Inbox? Are the events disappearing from the Calendar as well?


What was the answer to this. Is driving me nuts

Hi, since there are no further replies, it’s possible the issue was not resolved. But it’s also possible a solution from 6 years ago would not apply to a current version of eM Client anyway.

At this time, eM Client does not delete any invitations, so it’s more likely the server removes them.

Server? What server? emClient is doing it now. Once I accept an invite, the system deletes the invite. The event goes into the calendar, as it should, but the original invite goes into the trash folder. Unless you specifically go into calendar, there is no way to see that invite again. Not good

Outlook has a similar situation and there is a setting to prevent that. Can you find out if there is a setting in eMclient that is doing that?. Very, very annoying to say the least.

That is why I specified eM Client does not delete any invitations - I have double-checked with our developers and eM Client simply does not have any function to delete an invite after it’s accepted or declined, which is why we do not have any setting for it. We just add the reaction from the invite to the event itself (to synchronize it to the server which already has the event created) and that’s it.

If you want us to look further into this please enable EWS/Exchange logs in Menu>Settings>Advanced, restart eM Client, replicate the issue and then send the logs to

Hi all. I’m new to eM Client and liking it so far. I would like the auto-delete capability (or archive) after responding to an invitation.

Am I correct that this option has been removed?