Invisible Gmail account

I have 2 e-mail accounts, Gmail and a local provider, and I want to use both as POP3. After importing details and messages from Thunderbird all seems fine but when I restart eM Client the Gmail account has disappeared (or has become inviseble). I don’t use Smart folders.
I tried this four or five times with Em Client 6. Version 5 was OK but when I re-install it I am bothered with update messages so I prefer version 6.
Nico Koolsbergen

Which version of eM Client are you using?

I think this has been solved in version 6.0.19723.0

Yes, this issue should be resolved in newest updates, so if you are still experiencing it contact me on, put URL to this topic in email’s subject.


Thanks! It works fine now. I am a happy user! However, I was surprised that the download file via eM Client’s website was not updated.


because ti has not been released officially yet :slight_smile: I am marking now this issue as solved.