Invalid IMAP folder names

I just started using eM Client and wanted to copy all of the emails from my local folders (Imported from Thunderbird) to the IMAP server that I am now using. The problem is that I continue to get error messages about my folders having illegal names for IMAP. e.g. () and trailing spaces. I have to continually go back to my local folders and fixed them up and try it again only to get the same error further down the road.

It would be great if there was an option on the first reported error where the software would ask if I wanted it to fix the problem and make the name valid. i.e. Replace any invalid character with a ‘_’ or something. Then I could get everything moved over in one fell swoop and fix up the names as I came across them later.

It would make moving my emails over so much smoother.

Thank you for the info - we will try to make it more user friendly.