invalid duration value error (Calendar)

Got a event invitation from an outside customer. emClient gives error "The following problem occurred when processing an iMIP message: Invalid Duration Value. (60).  I checked the ICS file attachment and it does have a field called duration with a value of 60. I opened a few events created in emclient and do not see this field.

Any ideas how to get around this error? I am running emClient 6.0.20617.0

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Dennis, please try to install this update of eM Client and check, if the issue persists.
If it does, try to right click your calendar folder and select Properties > Repair, and click on the Repair button.

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  I updated, and repaired the calendar. I am still getting the error message. I noticed there are 2 duration fields in the ICS file. One is “X-Duration:60” and one is “DURATION:60” it seems the second one is causing the error. I can send you the ICS file if needed.

Hi Dennis, what makes you believe it’s the second one? Can you please export and send the .ics file to my email, please include a reference link to this forum topic.
Also what mail service are you using with eM Client? Do you know what mail service or client did you receive the invitation from?

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Paul,  I just sent you a email with the ICS file attached. We are using Sogo, I have no idea what system the person who created the event uses. They are from an outside company.

The second value seems to be the problem because if I remove that value using a text edit emClient no longer gives an error when reading the fixed ICS file.

thanks for your help!

I was wondering if there has been any update on this issue?

I have been evaluating EM client for our company and have been getting this same error when I receive calendar invites from some companies. The ICS files have an x-duration and a duration value and if the duration value is deleted out I get no error message.

The actual calendar invite works and gets put into my calendar, but I would not feel comfortable purchasing and then deploying software that will make me get constant questions about an error message.

If you would like more examples I can supply you with them. I have also reached out to a couple of these contacts to try and find out what client and email server they are using and will add that information in when I get it.

Thank you,

Hi Dennis, Hi Adam, sorry for the belated response, the issue has been reported to the developers and they’re working on a workaround for the issue to include it in future releases of eM Client.

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Hello Paul,
the issue is still alive :((.

Hello quadrata,
what version of eM Client are you currently running (Help>About section)?
Can you copy the error message for me or is the wording exactly the same as the original post?