Intermittent problem "Connecting to xxxxxx failed" message keeps popping up

I’ve been trialling eM Client for several days now, accessing three accounts that I imported from Outlook - 1 x gmail, and two personal ones on my own domain (on an ISP server) - one of these is IMAP, and one POP3.

Several times a day, I get a succession of messages in the Operations popup window, saying that “Connecting to name of IMAP account failed”. The log for that time stamp shows Connection Exception (Connection Terminated) when synchronising one of the sub-folders. This can happen several times in a row, or just once, and then not again for quite some time. All settings are unchanged, and whenever I run diagnostics they run clean. I appear to actually be getting all emails successfully downloaded.

Just once or twice I’ve had the same error message on the POP account (same server), but never on gmail.

It’s very iritating and the only thing that’s putting me off the product - any ideas on why it’s happening (it never occurred with Outlook). It’s almost as if this program has a less tolerant timeout setting, and sometimes the server gets a bit busy - but that’s just idle speculation!

Any help appreciated.

I get the same thing, every day.  I just Ignore All and everything works fine.  Running on Win10 and exported from Outlook 2007.

But Ignore All just clears the all the current errors - it soon pops up again!

Hello Richard,
do you use any security software that could be blocking the connection?Can you try adding eM Client to exceptions in your Firewall/Antivirus software.
Could you copy the content of the Log tab from the Tools>Operations window?


I have the same problem. I get error messages about once an hour or so. Is there any way to entirely disable the pop-up?

Go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and un-check “Show window when error occurs”

Thank you so much, that fixed it.