Integration of smartcards für signatur and encryption

I would like to use my smartcard hardware certificate for signing and encrypting emails. Is there a possibility of loading/using PKCS#11 cryptography module?

Hi Philipp, eM client’s certificate options are connected to the windows certificate store, so in case your smart card reader is able to display the certificate in the certificate store while the card is plugged in, you should be able to setup a security profile for your account in eM Client using the certificate.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,
thanks für your reply.
As you said I can select the certificate from windows certificate store but unfortunately, as I want to sign my email an ‘internal error’ occurs (see attached pic). No more details. Do you have an idea about the cause and the solution?


Hi Philipp, thank you for reporting this, I’m unfortunately not completely sure yet why this occurs, but I’m thinking there might be something wrong with the certificate you’re using. Do you think you could make a screenshot of the certificate settings or the certificate you’re importing to eM Client when creating the security profile to my email,

I understand, this would be considered a security risk, but if you can submit the screenshots of the certificate details to my email in a zip folder I hope we’ll be able to get more information about why this might have occurred.

Thank you,