Integration of eM Client with third party software, e.g. CRM

3rd party integration API, e.g. for CRM systems. Outlook (since 2013) is mostly available as Click-to-run and many third party sync tools (notably Google Apps Sync for Outlook) is proving difficult for users to get working. Given eM Client is up there as a top alternative to Outlook, could more work be done to support third-party plugins e.g. for Salesforce, Sales Logix etc??

I am currently trialling eM Client with a view to moving my company away from Thunderbird. However, key to me making this switch will be an API for 3rd party integration. Thunderbird does everything we want as an email client (and does it very well) but our CRM providers can not work with it to provide integration with their platform. Apparently they would be able to work with eM Client but only if an API is available. If you make this available we will definitely switch our organisation to eM Client.


if this feature will be requested by enough people it will be implemented as this can resolve many problems with missing features.


I just downloaded eM Client, which I love. It would be a great feature to have an API available.

Speaking as someone who works on software which integrates with Outlook, I would be extremely excited to see an API for eM Client.

Where could I leave a request for an API? EM Client is great and in specific on thin clients so much more usable than MS Outlook. But I can not integrate it into my company software. It is for me mainly the handling of schedules and contacts.