Integrate em client into a .net application

Is there an API available to integrate em Client into a .net application? Can I trigger sending/receiving mails from another application?

Not sure why you would want to trigger sending and receiving from another application.

Seems a bit long winded to delay send an email in eM Client and then go another application to trigger the send. You already clicked Send in eM Client, so why not let it do it’s job?

And receiving is usually by IMAP or EWS, so that is immediate and there is not need to trigger that.

You can think of the application like a digital file management. All sent/received mails, letters, … are stored in the applications database. Furthermore all contacts are stored in the application. It’s much more convenient for the user to open a contact in the application and click on compose button then switching to em client. E.g. MS offers this kind of integration via Interop Services.

If the application already does all that, why do you need another application (like eM Client) to do the same thing?

We are currently using an integrated mail client which has disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t support all providers (e.g. exchange is not supported)
  • It has a poor UI for composing mails

Full featured clients like em client or outlook don’t have these disadvantages. Therefore I am looking for a way to integrate a full featured client in my application. As I said, MS Outlook does offer this via Interop.

From what you have described your application already does the same thing as eM Client, so all you need in your application is connection to a mail server, not to a mail client, and maybe spruce up the UI a bit.

But whatever you need, maybe better to contact eM Client and ask them.