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Hello dear community,

i have a Question, Anybody knows?

How does instant translation work, who is the translation (service) provider?

When you get a message where a majority of the body text is in a language other than the one you have selected in your eM Client settings, you will be offered the option to translate the message.

This is a Pro License feature, so in the Free License version, you will be restricted to the number of translations you can do.

eM Client never said who the service is from except that it is an “external provider”.

Hello Gary,

Thanks for your very, very fast answer.

I use the Pro Version and i love eM Client. I hope, “external provider” isn’t go…le :grinning:.

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I found it! You’re in luck!

It was announced for the release of version 7 that “this feature is powered by the Bing translator Tool”.

Or maybe that’s even worse. :wink:

Hello Gary,

many Thanks.

I don’t understood “…Or maybe that’s even worse.”. I understood this after translation in em Client. Now we two are “suspect people” :grinning:.

Best regards from Germany. Have a nice Day.

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I asked my pihole. During translation eM Client connect to

( )
( )

Makes sense as Bing is owned by Microsoft.