Instant Search without having to press the button to show results!

I would very much like search results to show automatically as soon as you start typing instead of having to always press the button to show the results.

Like how google search works.

Windows Live Mail actually already has had this feature for a very long time now.


Hi Superman,

you’re not the first one to ask this question (I think I’ve also already suggested it :-).

I’ve also suggested to always show the search filters (now they are hidden behind the very tiny triangle at the end of the search field; you will need to click on this triangle to see these search filters. And then you will have to remember those search filters for the next time that you want to search; which might be days later.)

But I don’t think this feature will be implemented soon.

Thank you for the suggestion, this feature has already been requested, this is currently not on the roadmap for upcoming updates, however we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

Best regards,