Installing v7 and v8 side by side

Is it possible, without causing issues, to install eMClient v8 alongside v7?

I’d like to evaluate v8 (free version) while still using v7 (paid version).

I suspect it would probably overwrite your V7 hidden user data even if you changed the path for the actual install. I would normally test that type of thing in a eg: Virtual Box or another laptop or desktop. Hopefully someone on the forum has tested that before. I personally upgraded to V8 along time ago and have never looked back. V8 is so much better and i found much faster as well :slight_smile:

Note:- If you give it a go though on your current computer, first backup your current EMC V7 via “Menu / File / Backup” to create a .zip of your current email & account etc. That way if you don’t like V8 you can always go back.

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Thanks dude.

I think you’re right, when I tried to install v8 it told me to close v7 as it had to overwrite some files.

Rather than go to the trouble of installing a virtual machine or using a different computer (I have v7 installed on three machines and don’t want to mess it up on any of them), I think I’ll create a new Windows user and do a fresh install of v8 for that user, when I can find time.

I think the developers have missed a trick though, they should be making it easy to upgrade/evaluate by allowing the new version to be installed alongside the old one.

If you install eM Client version 8 from the Windows Store, you can run it alongside the regular version 7.

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Thanks but it doesn’t work, it talks about my license not being suitable and not being able to downgrade, having to by new licenses etc.

So it’s not a discrete installation.

I’ve discovered that even installing in the environment of a new user you cannot evaluate v8.

As soon as you install and start the eM Client application it says you either have to upgrade your license or work offline.

So the bottom line is if you have a paid license for v7 you cannot use v8 free version even under another user account.

Do these guys want to sell their product upgrade or not? Surely they don’t expect licensed users to upgrade without having the opportunity to evaluate the new version, as unlicensed users can do?

I’m going to have to stick with v7.

OK. I have a lifetime license, so it works across all versions at the same time. But with that, or a Free License, you can install both versions as I described.

Yes because the application is not installed per user. This is also one of the advantages of eM Client licensing, that it is not per user but rather per computer. You can install eM Client on a computer, license it, and as many users as have Windows accounts on that computer can use it under the single license.

If you meet the requirements to use the Free License, that is for personal use only and no more than 2 email accounts, then deactivate the version 7 Pro License and activate a Free License.

Or as a Pro License user, open a support ticket directly with eM Client. Maybe they can suggest how to evaluate version 8.

Thanks Gary.

I don’t meet the free license criteria, I have 10+ email addresses. I was hoping to install a completely discrete free version of v8 which doesn’t interfere with, or even know about, my v7 installation.

Whatever I do though with a v8 installation, it gets me into a circle of either continuing on the understanding that it’s not possible to revert to v7 and have to purchase v8 licenses, which completely negates the whole purpose of an evaluation.

Just by installing v8 I’m committed to upgrading and purchasing new licenses.

It is. Just make a backup before you install version 8. Then as long as you are not moving data to Local Folders in 8, when you later uninstall 8 and go back to 7, restore the backup and the rest will sync back to the application.

I am not sure if the first time you install version 8 it gives a 30 day unlocked evaluation period. If it does, then you could use all your accounts without a license. But please contact eM Client. As a Pro License user, I am sure that they will have some suggestion as to how you can evaluate it with your current license. Before the release you could have used the beta version which was license free, and I think that is what many did.

If eM Client do give you a suitable solution for evaluation, please let us know as it could be of use to others in the same situation.