Installing on a Desktop and Laptop

I purchased eM Client and have it installed on my desktop. I would like to install it on my laptop, but the license agreement says that I may only install it on one hardware device. Is that really the restriction?

(By the way, I hard a tough time even finding the license agreement and finally had to manually pull it out of the .msi file using vim. That was not fun.)

I agree. A licence policy is not to find here. As less as a normal documentation.

But now to your question: You will need one licence for the dektop and an other one for the laptop. See following post e.g.:

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Thanks for the quick reply. I actually did try a few searches, but I guess I didn’t use the right keywords.

That’s really a shame. I only use the laptop when traveling, so I can’t justify another license for it. Not only in terms of spending $50 for something I use a few weeks/year,but also the hassle of trying to keep up with how many licenses of software I purchase.

I noted when I visit…, it asks for your email address to send “your activation key” (singular). So what if one did have multiple keys?

Anyway, I don’t care to bother; I’ll just continue to use Thunderbird on the laptop.


If anyone buys multilicense he gets one key only with possibility to activate it more on than one device.

Also email client is something one uses everyday in the office or at home so we think that our price (for more licenses it gets cheaper for one) is acceptable.

Also for home use you don!t need to buy paid version, so if you wanted to buy it only for that there is no need if you don’t have more than 2 accounts.

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In general, most companies do not buy multiple seats per person. In fact, I’ve never had an employer purchase more than one seat per employee for any software package. My present employer provides me with a laptop and that one installation allows me to use various software packages at home and work. For email, my employer uses Outlook.

Most software products I use, including Adobe Photoshop CS6, Icon Workshop, Office 2010, Visual Studio, etc. are licensed to the *user* and the user is given the right to install on two or more devices.

I purchased eM Client for my personal use. It’s a good product, but I can’t justify paying for a second copy to install on my laptop, since I don’t use it daily for personal email. Even if I did use it daily, I’m still that same person. I guess I’ll just continue to use Thunderbird, since I don’t have the licensing hassles.


I understand you, but we are really do not plan to change our licensing system at this moment or in close future.

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I realize this is a 7 month old topic, but my problem is basically the same. I was about to purchase a license, but found this thread in time, now I don’t think I’ll bother buying a license. I have multiple laptops and two desktops. Since I am only one person, I can obviously only use one of those at a time (desktop at work, desktop at home, laptop at home and laptop for traveling). There’s no way I am going to pay several hundred dollars just to maintain multiple licenses for one person.

So basically, your policy has cost you a $99 sale and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Per user license is the industry standard, per device license is not and has shown to be a failed model repeatedly across many industries. Nobody wants to pay multiple times for the same thing.

ditto to above.

Hi Josh, thank you for your thoughts on this, although I believe industry standard isn’t necessarily set for user per license, many software companies use the license per computer policy, unfortunately we’re one of those companies. We’ll consider making some changes in our licensing policy in future releases, thank you for your input on this.


Also if you purchase multiple licenses with one purchase, the cost of every license is getting lower, please see pricing options or contact our sales department at [email protected] for more information about pricing and licensing information.

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I can only agree with Josh, I have one desktop machine and one notebook and I’m not using those machines at the same time. I don’t see any reason to purchase two licences here. I would have bought one lifetime license now but not two lifetime licensces for two machines, that’s just too expensive for me. You really should think about your pricing policy here. I am really willing to pay for the software I use but not twice.

Hi all, we’ve just made some minor changes to our pricing options, check out for more information.

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so that’s 15 USD extra for use on a second computer and 2 x 15 = 30 USD extra for use on 3 computers right?

I think that’s doable.

Still 1 license per person (for all his computers) is better :slight_smile: and won’t let people feel unhappy that they have to pay extra to be able to use it on extra computers.

Hi Hans,
one thing that has to be mentioned is that people are still purchasing one license with a set number of seats, the license key is still the same.

The difference is everyone has the option to save money on purchasing just one license (or license with only one seat) if they only own one computer, opposite to what they would be paying if we offered three seats to every license by standard.

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Just a note to others: hit CTRL+F5 force refresh of that pricing page. I was looking at it yesterday, and it still was showing the old pricing.
Thanks for the change…it’s a little more than I’d ideally want to pay, but emclient does such a fab job of managing my multiple email accounts and all the Google contacts/calendar/gmail that I’ve just bought 2 licenses :slight_smile:

I appreciate the change to the licensing. It is certainly better, but the lifetime upgrade thing still applies to all the clients and not the user… it should apply to the user instead of having to pay 4x (in my case) for lifetime upgrades). An email client is something a single person uses, typically. Per device licenses, if they are used any more, typically go to software that is used by multiple people, such as server software or multi-user environments, etc… An email program is none of those things and is usually something very personal and tied to one person, which is why a per user license makes far more sense in this instance.

Hi again Josh, as I previously mentioned the policy set like this so people can choose between purchasing the product for their only computer, instead of forcing them to purchase a license for three computers for three times the price. We’ve applied the same logic on the lifetime upgrades package, as if lifetime upgrades would be applied for the whole package it would have to cost a lot more…

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I do like em client; however, I won’t be renewing my Pro license.
I own quite a large varity of software.  This is the only software I’ve ever owned that doesn’t allow installation on both my desktop AND my laptop (other than operating systems.)  That includes, but is not limited to major software companies lik Corel, Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft.  I, like others that have responded, assumed from past experiences with industry leaders that your software would be the same. 
If I had know your policy I would have NEVER purchased a license and will now have to inform those to whom I have praised your email client, to steer clear.

Hi again John, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with our licensing policy, however we believe it should remain unchanged, please note that by purchasing a license per computer, some users can actually save up on their license purchase as they are not forced to purchase the application for use with three computers when they only have one.

Also with the volume of licenses purchased the price per license is smaller, allowing users to save up on a multi-license purchase as well.

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Sorry, I DON’T understand.  You’re always quoting your policy, but it’s my policy not to do business with unflexible companies . . . especially when they’re wrong.