Installing em Client 7 - upgrade "Going Offline" message

Here’s the problem: I have been using emClient v6 pro for a long time and was excited when emClient 7 came out. I read that you can install emClient 7 and it woulf update my emClient 6 data. Sounds fantastic!

The install of em 7 worked in all appearences. It then restarts emClient 7 and I get a message saying it needs to update my old mail. I click ok.

eM Client opens, and from what I can tell all my accounts and folders are there. It then  tells me that the identity of one of the accounts can’t be verified, and brings up the error message: “Going offline. This operation may take a while to complete.” I have let it run for several days, eventually forced it to quit and tried again, but I keep getting the same problem.

Task Access in windows shows the emClient is doing nothing.

How can I fix this without loosing all my previous mail?