installer fails "package cannot be opened!

When I start the installer a windows pops up:

Maybe download the installation file again form the Release History and see if that helps.

Found the solution by myself. The installer doesn’t seem to work from a network/redirected drive, which is the default download path in my company. After moving it to the local drive it works. Other installers don’t have that problem.

I have experienced that quite a bit with installation files on network shares; many just won’t install on standard drive mapping.

It has to do with the way the network share is not visible to the administrator user because it is mapped by the login user account. If you use a UNC path format it should work just fine. So \servername\path\installfile.msi

Maybe someone with more technical knowledge can explain better.

I know what you mean. Drive mapping with letters works on a user/admin basis.  So when you map F: to a network location and then a program needs admin rights F: isn’t availabe for the program anymore. Took me a time to find this out. :slight_smile:
But in my case it is a path like \company.local\rup\redirections\user.
And I am local and domain admin on my machine.


Thanks. I think you explained it better. :slight_smile: