Installed Windows 8.1 ~ Now can't even start emClient ~ HELP!

I get an error that says:

EM Client Database Check

It performs two checks and passes:

  1. Checking for corrupted database…done.

  2. Checking for inconsistent data…failed.

Then it just hangs and I can’t get into my mail, making me dead in the water for work. I can’t even get it to open and don’t what I’m supposed to do now, uninstall? And to save my files what do I back up? It’s still a fairly new product (paid version).

What should I do to get up and running again?

Thank you,
Charlotte Gilmour


is it possible for you to send me your whole database? (without mail_ files) to together with this topic’s url in subject?

Or you can try to update to this version…

Or you can try to delete database and recover from backup or make fresh synchronization, but this will not tell us what causes this issue.


How would I send you the entire database? Tell me how and I will try.

In the meantime, I will try to update via the link you provided only because my work relies heavily on email.

Thank you, I shall check back for the database how to later.

Charlotte Gilmour

Or you can try to update to this version
So you know, I tried the above, it still doesn’t work. I really need to collect mail but I can’t even open the program…

Need help asap, so will be checking back to see what we can do. This is a paid version so hoping for resolution soon.

BTW is there a way to access the cloud info online? Since I can’t even get the program to start?

Thank you,

Problem solved, all is working now, I fixed it myself. (backed Windows 8.1 off) reinstalled em client, however, now I wonder if em client is compatible with 8.1…

So it works now for you? We are getting numerous reports with win 8.1 and when I will finish completing these reports then we should be able to resolve it out…

anyway next time I suggest you using our paid customer support - it has much higher priority than forums.