Installed 6 months ago and then again today!

What do I do to solve the problem. When I went to select a default, I noticed I have 2 emclient icons. I am actually starting today. The old one was installed in December , 2019 and I want to scrap it. I never added any email accounts to it.

Maybe you installed the Microsoft Store version as well as downloading from the eM Client web site.

In your Windows Start menu, or on a desktop icon, right-click on the one you want to uninstall, and choose Uninstall. If there is still another icon left, do the same with that one also. Then download and install the latest version from the web site.

Thanks Gary. I uninstalled it. I’m going to ask another question. How do I add another email account. I don’t see a place to do that.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts (Menu > Accounts in version 8) and click on the + icon. Then enter your email address in the Automatic Setup.


To find out about adding accounts manually, check the Help File.