Installation problems

I have installed the latest version (9.2.2093 (6d2fe6b)) of emclient twice now. Both times I have had problems. After installation is completed it asks if i want to import accounts from thunderbird. I said yes. Both times the importation was incomplete. My main problem would be with one account which has about 18,453 emails in the inbox. On the first installation, it imported all the emails but would only show about a 20 percent of them. Yet, in the sent box, it imported all 19,783 emails and I could access all of them. After uninstalling the first installation completely I reinstalled the program. This time for the same inbox it only imported about 10,000 of the 18,453 emails. It also did that for the sent folder. I could see all of the emails in the sent folder but only about 20 percent in the inbox. How can I get around this. Also, the second time I installed, after the import of accounts from Thunderbird, emclient kept asking for passwords for the accounts. I would give the correct passwords and it kept denying them. This went on for quite some time before they were all finally accepted, Why did this happen.

When importing mail stops part way through it usually means there is an error in an email message or messages somewhere along the way being imported so eM Client stops.

I had that issue with importing thousands of old Outlook.pst messages for a friend of mine.

What I ended up doing (due to their Outlook emails were no longer on the server end) was to create a folder on the desktop manually called “Outlook Mail” and then created folders for what I wanted to transfer into eM Client in that desktop folder

Then dragged each folder messages from Outlook into the same matching folder on the desktop. All the messages then turned to .eml files which I could then drag to the same matching folder in the eM Client account.

So you could also do that with Thunderbird mail to get it manually transferred to eM Client. You can then do a selection at a time till it’s all done.

The other option is eg: “If your Thunderbird messages are still on the server end”, then add the Thunderbird account as a second account in eM Client and then drag each folder messages directly to the same matching folder in the new mail account. That will then avoid you moving Thunderbird messages to the desktop first.