Installation Failed on Macbook Air 2023 M2 Chip

Hi I have a new Macbook Air with an Apple M2 Chip, I am trying to install eM client - “emclient-v9.2.1841_Mac.pkg” but I get a message saying “An error occurred during installation. - The Installation Failed - The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the Software Manufacturer for assistance”

Does anyone have any idea why? and a fix?

Unmount the pkg file and delete it.

Then download the file again, and try the install.

Hi Gary, tried this, Removed package and emptied bin, restarted mac, re-downloaded, get the exact same message. Installation Failed.


First, check you are not downloading the pkg file to a cloud synced folder. It may be corrupt because of that. So download it to a non-synced folder and try the install again.

If it fails, click menu Window > Installer Log.

Then Copy/Paste the content into a text file and send that to me at [email protected] and include a link to this forum post.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for that, the file was located in my downloads folder which is synced with Drop box. I moved the pkg to the desktop and it installed perfectly.

Can you also tell me how I purchase another pro licence with lifetime upgrades and is there a discount for existing users? I want to install eMclient on my home machine