Installation Ended Prematurely

While attempting to reinstall eMC after doing a system reset on my windows pc I got “installation ended prematurely” and don’t see any options to get past this. I have my activation key from my former install. How do I get past this?

You could try again after disabling your Anti-Virus software.
Check to see if eMC shows as installed in Windows Apps Settings, if so uninstall.
Ensure you are installing from here.

My broadband crashed during the install. I did a second install, got a new key but when I went register that option wasn’t available so I started over and this time I ran into: “only continue if you down loaded from the Microsoft store”. I tried to get around that but the installer eventually told me there was an error. Before I did the second install I saw that I had two downloads in my pc so I deleted the older one and uninstalled the newer one. Is that a problem?

This may help…

Uninstall eMC
Delete any installation files you have downloaded.
If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client
Re-Boot the PC.
Ensure you are installing current v8 from here

Before I proceed with your directions, when you uninstall the program asks whether I want to uninstall the data base. Do I need to do that too?


when you uninstall the program asks whether I want to uninstall the data base.

As you are installing a new PC and not setup your account again as yet (due to the program ended prematurely as you advised), then yes “delete the database on uninstall” when asked before reinstalling, as the program failed to install anyway.

Also if you originally bought eM Client V8.x from the Windows Store then you would normally reinstall that version again from the store which should then show the area to activate it.

If you didn’t buy eM Client from the Windows Store, then re-download eM Client V8.x from the link @sunriseal advised above which will then have the activation link.

It’s only V9 Beta that won’t have an activation key currently due to its Beta.

Thank you, I’ve installed eMC. I then was asked if I lost the installation key, but there doesn’t appear to be away to reply. I have my old one and received a second one during my failed efforts to setup eMC during the past several days.

To check if you have the right key suggest to go to the following site and enter your email address.

I executed that link and it responds by again asking me for my email address. And if I send it again it sends me the same question again. This whole process is driving me up a wall! Couldn’t the eMC techs just erase all reference to me so that I could simply enroll as a new user?

Ok then suggest to email to check your key and activation problem.

I can’t do that because at this point I don’t have an account.

If you have already installed eM Client, please go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate. Then paste in your license key.

I can’t email because at this point I don’t have an account.

If the activation still doesn’t work with your license key / keys as per @Gary advised above, You can send an email to sales@emclient via your “own webmail” via a browser.