Install failure/not complete enough to run?

I have installed emClient on an XP SP3 system and have the program directory and start menu entry. The client howvever will not start. I downloaded the logging tool and it said it can’t run because the app is not running. It appears that it is just failing to start. I have not set it during install as my default app due to being cautious. Only error seen around the time of install was a plugin container error that appeared to relate to Firefox.

Hi Richard, not completely sure what you’re referring to as the logging tool. Windows XP is currently an unsupported operating system, and some of it’s system issues can affect other programs.

Check if you have a database folder in the application data directory and if the application was installed properly in your installation folder.


Doesn’t look like there is any app data, not sure what you mean by installation folder. It’s a shame XP isn’t supported as I want to move away from Outlook Express and it would be much easier to import all the data I want to keep on the existing machine before migrating. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Richard,

I can imagine you want to migrate to a newer operating system. Windows XP is already so old and not supported anymore by Microsoft.

With ‘installation folder’ Paul means the folder on your hard disk in which you’ve installed eM Client. This should be C:\Program files\eM Client.

The data directory for the application should be C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (under Windows 8; under Windows XP it should be something similar).

I guess you should also be able to import the Outlook Express files with eM Client installed on the new operating system (to be sure: make a backup on an external hard disk of your Outlook Express data files).

I have uninstalled it after the earlier comment about XP not being supported so can’t see the program files etc now. When I looked earlier the program files for emclient were there, just wouldn’t start up. Run the .exe and nothing…The main reason I though it was is because the page says it is.

Hi Richard, the current release of eM Client has been introduced for Windows XP as well, however as Windows XP has run out of support during last year, it is no longer possible to support these kind of issues as they might be caused by a system component.