Install eM Client calendar

   I would like to use eM Client calendar. When I click ‘Calendar’ it opens ‘Calendar-Outlook-eM Client’. I want my calendar to be independent of Outlook.

I get 4 replies in my email to questions I have not asked and none to one I have asked ???

Not completely sure what you mean, but it looks like this is the title of the calendar. This is usually based on the name of the account the calendar relates to and I don’t think it can be changed. This does not mean the calendar is linked to the program Outlook. Did you import this calendar from Outlook?

   Thanks for response. My accounts are—Optus, default, Australian ISP, subheading ‘Mail’ and Outlook, subheading ‘Mail, Calendar, Contacts’. This suggests Calendar is linked to Outlook, no big deal but I want to get away from them, too much Pay Pal phishing. eM Client ‘Help’ seems to indicate their own Calendar. I don’t think Optus has one.