Inserting logo into signature

Hello, please could you help me… I’ve just loaded EmClient (free version) onto my new PC and when I go to set up the signature, there is no option to Ínsert Image’’
I went to set it up on my husband’s laptop and he has the ínsert image option and it works fine…
I’ve made sure the messages are set to HTML, and I’ve tried ‘pasting’… nothing works… I’ve tried rebooting my packing… and then I noticed my husband has a different version to me…but both were loaded withing a few days of each other… mine still shows no option to Ïnsert an Image’ when creating a signature.
Help! thank you.

When editing the signature, you can insert an image using right-click > Insert > Image, or you can just paste the image right there.

However, if this is for a Gmail or Google Workspace account, and you are editing a synced signature, it won’t work. You need to edit the signature in the Gmail webmail interface and add the image there.

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thank you very much - I’ll go and give that a try. have great day