Inserting .eml files into Notion

Hello, I use an application that is called Notion, and it is sort of a all in one workspace for productivity. With other email clients, I have been able to drag the email from the client right into Notion and it would upload as a .eml file. With eM Client, it uploads a .eml file that is 0 kb. When opened, it just opens a blank eM Client window. That said, I can drag an email from the client to my desktop and then drag it into Notion from there, but this is not only adding an extra step, but it also leaves a bunch of emails on my desktop which is annoying.

I know this is getting into more 3rd party issues, but like I said, other clients allow this capability naturally. Would it be possible to develop this function for easy transferring of emails? Thanks ^-^

eM Client mail dragged out of eM Client is in a standard .eml format. You can open it in normal standard .eml readers like eg: FreeViewer EML file viewer for Windows - Free EML Viewer Tool – Open & Read EML Files of Windows OS & Mac OS X ( and there is also some freeware ones on Mac you can test with as well if you have Mac.

If you drag emails from EMC to eg: the desktop of your computer, it will normally show the filesize in the properties. If you don’t see the file size when you view the properties of the .eml dragged out, then your original email has a problem.

If Notion then does not read the .eml with a file size when you drag that into Notion application from your desktop, then its a fault of Notion and would need Notion to update their program to read standard .eml files.

If you cannot drag files directly from EMC to Notion, then again Notion would need to update their program to support EMC. Their devs would need to speak to EMC devs to make it compatiable.

To drag .eml files from one mailer to another mailer, normally requires you to (bounce it through your desktop), unless the mailers (at both ends) have been programmed specially to allow that to happen.

I don’t know Notion, but I was curious whether the email client could actually make a difference, as @ncerbone suggested. So I just dragged and dropped a couple of messages from eM Client and Thunderbird to a file manager and then compared the message source each time with a file comparison tool to see what happens. My observations:

  • Plain text message, charset=iso-8859-1, 8bit: exported .eml files are identical

  • Plain text message, charset=iso-8859-1, quoted-printable: .eml files are not identical. The Thunderbird message includes a lot of “=09” indicating tabs, which the eM Client message does not have.

  • Multipart message with plain text and HTML, base64: The Thunderbird message has a line below the header saying “This is a multi-part message in MIME format.”, which the message from eM Client does not have.

I can’t explain or analyze this any further, but apparently .eml messages exported from different mail clients are not necessarily identical. :thinking:

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@cyberzork I am leaning towards towards what @eisbaer mentioned here because other clients, such as thunderbird, allow for the dragging of the email straight into Notion, and there is no documentation of this compatibility on either end. It seems from my testing and @eisbaer 's more advanced testing that there is a difference in how the .eml files are created / exported. I understand that this is a pretty niche scenario, but I imagine this sort of functionality would allow for a similar usage in a number of applications.

If Notion allows the dragging of emails directly from Thunderbird without bouncing through the desktop, then sounds like Thunderbird have added some other eg: “Drag and Drop functionality code” to the normal .eml files to allow that to work. Or a eg: modified differant version of the standard .eml file.

Thunderbird has been around for along time and has had alot of development work over the years so anything’s possible.

Yes I am imagining there is something like that on the client end which is allowing for a drag and drop capability. Idk if this is the right place to request but I would truly love for this to be an ability eM Client supports. Documentation workflow would be improved significantly ^-^

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