Inserting Activation Key

Licencing site does not say “Activate”. It say Deactivate. How can I enter Activation Key number?

I did activate my Copy of em Client with opening the Software, go to “Menu” and in Pulldown Menu on “Help”.

From there u’ll find the Submenu “License”
In there u can enter ur License Key

I went to “Menu”. “Help”. “License”. There was no “Activate” button, Only “Deactivate”. There was nowhere to enter my license key

Same question here! Only the deactivate button is there, but every time I open eM Client, I get a message saying “eM Client evaluation period will end in 5 days!” and I have had eM for ages.

It must be a bug, which ought to be fixed at once - thank you!

check what it says under the License menu. Mine says i have a version 8 license, number of users is 1, and license type is Free (v8 trial until 8/15/2020). I know other posters who are getting a ‘nag’ screen upon start up that says 'Buy Pro license. Em client evaluation will end in xx days. The nag screen starts about 5 days from the end of the trial period. My best guess is that once the trial period is over my S/W will just be the Free version, with free version capabilities. BTW I updated v8 using ‘Check for updates’ in V7. I have been a em user for many years.