Inserted images with hyperlinks in signature vanishing

Hi, I can add images (icons) in my signature (e.g. Twitter icon, Youtube icon) then add hyperlinks to them. It’s OK from then on and any sent emails will have them displayed and the clickable links work.

However, after computer shutdown and restart, the icons vanish, leaving a box outline in place of the image. If I hover the mouse over the box, the link is brought up like a tooltip.


John Davies

It may depend on what version of eM Client you are using, as we changed the way images inserted into signatures in version 9 are stored in the database.

In version 8 the image was linked to a saved image in the %temp% folder rather than being embedded in the signature, so when you close eM Client and the temp folder is deleted, the image is lost.

If you are using version 9, please edit the signature. Remove the image placeholder and insert the image again using right-click > Insert > Image. Then save the signature.

Hi Gary,

No, its still the same. Version 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5).

I’ve imported the images and added the links. It’s fine when done and works OK, but once the computer is restarted, the images and links vanish. Today, even the placeholders have gone.


HI Gary,

Dug a bit further, you say images were stored in the %temp% directory, having saved off the signature and inspected the html, this is where the images are being stored:



Yes, that is the temp folder. It is not a permanent place so not ideal for storing images.

Rather place the image in a safe folder where it will not be deleted or renamed. Then edit the signature and remove the old image placeholder. Insert the image again using Right-click > Insert > Image.

Hi Gary,

As you said, in version 9, the icons are stored in the database, but the HTML I got the %temp% from is from version 9, so what you suggest won’t work (and didn’t!).

I have, however, come up with a fix and this does work. I made a folder in the eM Client folder called “Icons” and copied the icons into that. I then edited the HTML to point to this folder for all icons and use this updated HTML as the default. All now good!