Insert link | Swap the textboxes or change focus

Every time I select some text and press the Insert link button, I’m instantly pasting the URL I’d like to link to.
But the text field is presented first (while the text is already available) and gets focused, so whenever I insert a link (with text selected) I need to focus the link field manually.

Wouldn’t it be better to auto-focus the link field if text is selected and the insert link button is pressed?

Hi, I don’t understand your request. When I try to follow your instructions I see window “Insert link”.

Could you provide screenshot of feature you are talking about?


Here are the steps:

  1. Compose new email
  2. Insert some text
  3. Select the text
  4. Press the ‘Insert link’ button on the toolbar (inbetween Insert picture and Insert symbol)
  5. The Insert link window popup is presented
  6. In the Insert link window, the upper textbox is focused, which is the link Text, but in this case I’d think it would be better to set focus to the Link textbox, because I’ve already entered and selected the text. The only thing I need to do is insert or paste the URL inside the Link textbox.

I see, but this looks more like issue because no matter how I try I always have focused “Link:” field.

Can you try your scenario on other device/s?


A colleague of mine has the same issue… Both set to Dutch language.

With me it works the same as ‘kipusoep’: if I select text in an e-mail and press the [insert link] button, the upper textbox is focused.

I’m using eM Client with English language.

In version 6.0.19861.0 it works as the original poster has suggested.

See also…

Yes I noticed :slight_smile: Thanks eM Client team!

you are welcome :slight_smile: