Insert image, missing attachment, em Client sends email anyway

Functionality issue since day one for pretty much every em Client version - still somehow miraculously not fixed.

  1. Use Insert Image to embed an image into an email.

  2. The name of the inserted file gets changed manually for whatever rearson.

  3. em Client complains about a missing file but will be more than happy to just automatically send the email with the missing image.


Solution: add a Cancel button to the error dialog to cancel automatic sending.

EDIT: Here is a video which demonstrates the issue perfectly on a fresh install build 8.2.1659.0 but the issue is present in every other emClient version ever released.

I cannot replicate that error with V8 or V9 Beta.

Seems like a possible eg: registry issue to me if you have eg: Windows OS pointing to not the usual C:\desktop profile as weird you are getting D:\desktop error messages, which could then explain why it has this sort of D desktop path decode error with eM Client installed on the C drive.

Did you initially setup your desktop profile pointed to D instead of C , or has it allways been like that.

Or is this a Mac OS computer.

That bug has been around literally since at least em Client version 6 (maybe even earlier).

It was never fixed, but until now I could’t be bothered to report it.

It’s easily reproducible on every new installation of em Client. I am not sure why it’s not on yours.

The paths have nothing to do with the bug or the installation folder because my Desktop folder and pretty much the entire HOME folder are always moved to D:\ post-installation.

The issue is that emClient obviously just points to the original file though file:// handler instead of actually caching it somewhere so when the path changes em Client doesn’t know it’s supposed to update the file:// value.

But I am not going into that issue because that’s obviously something more complicated to solve.

What I am just asking for is a Cancel button when em Client can’t find the file that was previously referenced with a file:// handler. This button should just prevent em Client from automaticallu sending a bad email without the embedded image.

Nothing less, nothing more.

As a test, disable all signatures and templates, then send a message and see what the result is.

If you don’t get the error, then you have a link to this image in the signature or template. You will need to edit them and replace the image with one that is in a static location.


this is NOT an issue with signatures, attachments, profile paths or anything even remotely similar.

It’s an emClient bug that has been around since day one and somehow never got fixed.

The issue is easily reproducible on any emClient, regardless of version, OS or anything else.

Here is a video which demonstrates it perfectly on a fresh installation of build 8.2.1659.0, running inside Windows Sandbox, therefore eliminating all possible issues caused by the emvironment.

What happens here is simply a situation in which emClient doesn’t lock up inlined files as it does with attached ones.

This causes an issue because inlined files are represented as simple file:// references instead of actually having a copy of them in either temporary storage like Temp folder of memory itself.

When the filename of the inlined file changes, for whatever reason, em Client does not update the file:// reference and all hell breaks loose.

Let me be clear here. I am NOT asking for a solution of the inline issue which I just described, because it would probably take some time to come up with an acceptable solution.

What I am asking for is a simple Cancel button in the dialog which is diplayed after a missing inlined file which will prevent em Client from automatically sending a broken email.

This bug has caused me an incredible amount of issues over the years and I think it’s finally time to fix it.

This happens because the file is no longer there when you click on Send. The method in your video is not reproducible in version 9.

Yes it is. Do I really need to upload another video to prove you wrong?

EDIT: Same conditions. Fresh install of build 9.0.1142.0 (v9)

Yes agree with @Gary this is not a bug or issue with eM Client at all. I cannot replicate that in any version of eM Client including the latest V9.

Ps I’ve just done a brand new Windows 10 and 11 install recently in the last few days with eM Client 8 and 9 and “do not” get that problem at all on either computer I use.

This in my opinion is still a pathing issue in the Windows registry “pathing” to the wrong place
and that error is actually “coming out of Windows” and “just showing / popping up in eM Client” for you to resolve. Its saying you have a registry pathing issue plain & simple. eM Client cannot resolve that for you. You have to either do a new clean install of Windows or fix your Registry.

Well I am happy that it works for you and Gary. It doesn’t work and never did for me or anyone I know.

In any case I’ve contacted support directly and hope the bug gets resolved soon.