"Insert image as link" into signature not working or missing a step??

When trying to create a signature which includes an image as a link, I don’t get an option to choose the image in question! Just a line asking me for the link itself, and then it inserts a red X with no image?!?

I can insert an image alone, or a text link alone, but the “insert image as link” feature seems to be corrupted or something??

Any help? (I’m trialing version 5.0.18025.0 on a Win XP SP2)

Here’s a screen capture to illustrate:

Thanks to all.
Kamy :slight_smile:


I also have when following your steps after inserting link to image “empty” field in signature editor, but when I setup this whole signature that I want it in new mail or/and reply or/and forward, then when I make new mail, reply, forward picture is there.

is this your case?


Sorry, I’m not following you here…

Even when I set up a signature from within a new mail or a reply or a forward, the “insert image as link” option still gives me the exact same window asking me for the “link” only and not asking me which image file it should use (same as the attached screen capture in my original post).

In this popup “Insert image as link” window, as you can see from my screen capture, there is no field asking to choose the image. There is only the field asking to choose the link itself (ie. web address to redirect after click).

Am I missing a step maybe?


I understand you now, no everything works as it is intended - you use “insert image link” when you want to link into image somewhere on web,

for example in Google chrome you can right click on image on random website and there is option “Copy image URL” and that is what you put in this field"

if you want to use image from your computer just use, insert - “Image” and then find your picture.


Oh I see now!

OK, so it is only to actually link an online image that’s all.

So do you mean then that there is no way in eM Client to insert an image file and make that image clickable? (neither in signature nor in new mail)

For instance, say I want to add my company logo JPEG into my signature but want that logo to be a hyperlink to my company’s website… is this not a feature you have then?


yes clickable image with URL is possible.

go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Templates and Signatures, under signatures click on “signatures” - add or modify (depends if you need new one or alter old one) - Name your signature and right click in the big field “Signature text” - Insert - HTML

if this will cause problems for you, contact me on [email protected] where you will send me URL and IMAGE URL and I will make code for you directly.


OK, so I worked it out with your HTML code added in, but so that would mean I can only use online images, and not physically insert images found on my computer directly?

Thanks :slight_smile:


No, you can use right click - insert - image (image only, without as link), this will offer you option to insert image stored on your PC.


I have a similar problem where I’m using an HTML image on my signature. Sometimes when I create a new e-mail the image is “broken” (big square qith the “X” as if the online image couldn’t be reached).

The image is always reachable as I have a permanent Internet connection and the resource is on my web server.

That happens as much as 5 times a day and every time I need to edit the signature and re-enter the link for the online image.

Any ideas on how to sort this out?



Found that after inserting a regular image, you can highlight the image, right-click it, and choose “Insert Link”. Then leave the text blank but enter the hyperlink. The link will be associated to the image.