Initial setup : iCloud calendars reminders & alerts

Hello !

I’ve just installed eMClient (free version) to test it as a replacement to Outlook (and its poor IMAP support - to say the least…).

As I added my iCloud account, eMClient started syncing the iCloud calendars, and this triggered the reminders/alarm window to pop up on and on and on to display hundreds alarms set on past events (alarms that have been dismissed a long time ago on my main Mac computer and idevices).

Furthermore, as the alarm windows keeps popping up on the foreground, it litteraly makes the computer unusable until eMClient has fetched all past alarms from the calendars ; it’s only when it’s done syncing that one can dismiss all alarms at once. Very annoying behaviour (not to mention the Outlook-like alarm window, which is not the best introduction I was expecting as I’m precisely switching from Outlook and its flaws…).

So is there a way to prevent this to happen ? For instance, by enabling alarms only for one week in the past ?

Thanks in advance for you support.


Hi José, are you seeing this issue, everytime you open the client or just when you initially setup the account?
Unfortunately there’s no setting for this, but it also should not be happening.

What version of eM client are you using?

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Hi Paul,

No that just happened once, after iCloud initial setup. 
I’m using eMclient version 6.0.20320.0

Thanks for your interest. 


Hi again, if you’ve tried to setup the account again, will the same thing happen again? Were all your reminder events shown or is it possible those were only recurring events?

I believe this won’t happen again as it was just a initial synchronization issue, I tried to replicate the issue, but it did not occur.

Thank you for understanding,

Hello !

I created another Windows user for this test. Indeed, I setup my iCloud account and the problem didn’t occur this time (but events were dismissed on the first setup, so…).

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the alarms were both for unique and recurring events (can’t tell if all my past alarms showed up though, as there were hundreds). Is there any log I can send you to help investing this bug ?

Anyway, I’m planning to propose eMClient to one of my customer who needs an alternative to Outlook 2013, I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Thanks again for your assistance.


Hi again José, 
unfortunately since you’re not able to replicate the issue I’m afraid there’s no log that you could send me.
I believe the issue occurred on the first setup due to first synchronization with our client, simply due to some minor compatibility issues with any client you might have been using before.

If anything similar occurs again or you encounter any other issues or if you have any questions about the application, let me know, I’ll be happy to help, I’m glad you like the application so far.

Thank you,

Ok then, thanks for your help.

In October of 2020, As I eval. eM Client, for paid use; I have the same problem with old Reminders being displayed, with sound - every time I either start eM Client, or, log into my computer after sleeping it, having left eM Client on, Or after at least 15" or so of working on my computer, either in eM Client, or another app.

Like the original Posterr to this thread; I subscribed, about two weeks ago, to my iCloud Calendar, quite sucessfully, except for this problem;.

2020 eM Client Problem w multiple Old Reminders

Vs. 8.0.3385 (83a873c)

I have Sam Problem in 2020!

In October of 2020, As I eval. eM Client, for paid use; I have the same problem with multiple old Reminder Notifications being displayed, with sound - I want sound- every time I either start eM Client, after quiting it; or, log into my computer after sleeping it, having left eM Client on, as I do, for quick access.

Like the original Posterr to this thread; I subscribed, about two weeks ago, to my iCloud Calendar, quite sucessfully, except for this problem;.

Description of the problem;
A. turn on my computer, after sleeeping it, at the lock screen; the reminders start appearing in rapid succession–about 10-30 of them, with what I think may be random selection of dates. - not in a particular order, after 1-3 minutes, I think. They are dated 2016-though-earlier in 2020, ; without my clicking them to dismiss them, replaced with another reminder from an old event;

B. After a full minute, or so, of this, when I sign into my computer, I think that they continue doing this, but, soon, the reminder notifications are persistent; they need to be dismissed, before they disappear. So I have to click, dismiss’ as they continue, -about 15-20 more of them.

C. This also happens when I start the application after quiting it;

D. Many are Events that Recur, but many do not recur. In addition, some of the Reminders I have looked at after they displayed, today, show that most of the recurring ones were scheduled to END Recurrence a long time ago-even years ago.

E. the multiple old Reminder Notifications happen 1-3 times per day. They also begin after several hours of working on my computer, even when I have not closed the app or slept my computer.

F. After displaying old Reminders for several minutes each time, they get to a few from today- I do not mind ones that were set to recur today.

G. Maybe since the Problem is reproducible; Someone may want logs;

  • How, and where can I contact eM Client support!?

My Eqip.

  1. eM client is running on my Samsung Series 7 Chronos Laptop; Made in 2016? with i7 cpu;
    SSD 1.6 TB with main Operating system C: Partition having 723 GB Free

Operating sys-Windows 10 Pro vs. 2004: OS build 19041.572

  1. I also have an Early 2008 iMac with an SSD, and
  2. an iPhone 6S Plus, so I am thrilled to find your app, for viewing and adjusting my apple Calendar on my PC, I am also thrilled to have the option to refresh every 1 minute, so I do not have much significant delay before changes to my cal show up on all devices. Will these time-consuming interruptions eventually cease-? If so, I think I will still

Should I delete some type of cache file without losing recent calendar event data?
In case it might help, I have just used a feature in Windows 10 that deleted temp files to free up space, though I have plenty of storage space

on a 2016, or so, Samsung Laptop

some are all-day ones, others are regular, short, scheduled ones.

Some data from a few of the Old event Reminders; that came up today that I double-clicked on to display details;

a. Restasis, B.P & Tamiflu
all day event
Start Mon, 02/17/2020 11:00 UTC -05:00 Eastern Time (US _Canada)
End Mon 02/17/2020 11:15UTC -05:00 Eastern Time (US _Canada)
Show as: Busy Tag None
Reminder 15 Minutes
Recurrence: Recurrs Daily End By Fri, 02-21-2020
Schedule… Participants John Jordan

b. another Event
Recurs daily – End by Dec 8, 2019

c. another
Title: M.12:32
Start; 12/10/2019 End; 12/10/2019
Recurrence: None

d. Another eventualTitle M.17:25
start 12/09/2019 17:25
end: 12/09/2019 17:30
Recurrence: None ‘This event doesn’t Recur’

e. another event;
Title: Prep for Bed @ 22:00?
Start: 12/06/2019 21:45
End 12/06/2019 22:45
Recurs Daily end by 12-10-2019

Another One was set to recur yearly, but in December!, not October!

Before I found out how to subscribe properly to my iCloud Calendar, I had tried adding it, unsucessfully, an iCalendar. I deleted the two calendars.

The screenshot, below, shows a Calendar on the Left window, that is blank, It is in addition to my iCloud Calendar. -i’d guess it is a default Calendar. I think eM Client tried to import the mostly unused generic windows 10 calendar.

IMany of the events on my icloud calendar to which I have subscribed, have multiple reminders for many of the events. I would also like eM Client to allow multible reminders on all-day, oand other events.

Here is a screenshot of the Calendar with one of the Reminders, detail view; after double-clicking on one of the notifications after closing and reopening eM Client.

If it would help, am I allowed to start a support ticket while still evaluating eM Client for 30 days? I could pay early, if it is necessary to get support; But I want to be confident that the problemcan be solved…

Same here. Each time I’m getting tons of notifications of past iCloud calendar events to the Windows 10 Notification Bar. Even if I dismiss them, they are getting back once I re-open eM Client. Latest version - 8.0.3385.
I tried also to remove and re-add the items with a restart to the software in between, with no success.

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Solved. In Researching, I saw a post somewhere that suggested turning OFF the a Notification setting in eM Client that causes eM Client to use Windows 10 Notification system rather than its own notification system.

Go to Menu> Settings. On the Left side, Choose ‘Notifications’.
Then, in the Right-side window, scroll down to the last setting: ‘Use system notifications’.
Uncheck it.

eM Client will then use it’s own notification system.

Soon after I did it, The Next time I started eM Client; eM client displayed a window that said I had 65 Notifications. I clicked on the button that said to Dismiss All. Now, I get notifications just when they are due.

Hope this works for you.

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Brilliant. Perfectly works. BTW if you check it back after you clean all notifications then in the next time you open eM Client it won’t present all these past events.