Initial setup for Verizon/AOL mail account failing

Just downloaded eM Client yesterday. I am using the login and password that works when I access the email address through AOL Mail’s website, but it’s not working here. It keeps telling me “LOGIN Invalid Credentials”

I have a second email that is working fine. Both of their port settings are identical and I’m using IMAP.

There is also an error code that pops up every minute for that account reading:
[IMAP]BAD [CLIENTBUG] APPEND Invalid message date from client

Thanks to anyone who can help out!

Have you tried removing that account and adding it back?

No. I just installed it yesterday.

OK, if that is your choice…

AOL requires you use your app password, not the account password.

Go to this AOL page and setup the AOL app password if you have not already done so.

Then setup the account again in eM Client, but use the app password, not the account password.

Thank you Gary! That worked. :slight_smile: