Initial setup exchange problem onprem vs M365

Hello all,

I would like to test the Windows eM Client for a few days. But the initial setup always connects to Microsoft. I use an onprem exchange. In the cloud is only teams. The MX does not point to the cloud, the MX points to us.

For Windows 10 and Outlook 2019 there is the following registry key: ‘ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint’

1.) How does this work with the eM client?

2.) In the 30 days trial period I can test all functions, right?

Thanks and best regards


In the Exchange setup, you can enter the server address manually. You may have to enter a bogus email address and password to get to this screen:

Maybe that will help.

That is correct. The trial period provides a fully enabled email client, including those features that would be disabled after activating a Free License.