Initial setup defaults to Imap not POP3

I am helping a friend set up eM Mail client on his Windows 8 laptop with virginmedia which is normally POP3 and SMTP. My friends Auto setup failed so I tried editing the account via Tools/Account/ but instead of seeing tabs POP3 and SMTP I see IMAP and SMTP. 

I had no difficulty setting up my own eM Mail Client (also POP3 and SMTP) manually on my Win 8 machine.

Help please I feel a bit guilty suggesting eM Mail to my friend on the basis my own setup was painless. 

Hi, eM Client by default sets up your email account based on the autodiscover settings on the mail server your mail account is hosted with, if virginmedia have IMAP settings setup as preferred in the autodiscover settings, an IMAP account will be setup using the automatic setup.

If you want to setup a POP3 account, you can do it manually in the new account window, but instead of using the Automatic setup you’d have to switch to the “Mail” tab below and select “Other” use the recommended server settings provided by your hosting service and proceed with the steps.

However note that POP3 is usually not setup as default on the autodiscover settings as it is an old protocol, currently email is synchronized over IMAP with the feature to synchronize the content of your mail folders between your computer and the server, thus in case anything goes wrong and your computer either crashes, or even if you lose it, you can just setup the account on any other device and your items will be synchronized with the computer.


Thanks for that I will give it a try but to be honest the “other” option was not evident at original setup. For info the email settings on the virginmedia site include IMAP settings but virginmedia say these are for windows mail users ,Thunderbird and one other who’s name escapes me. But to use these you have activate IMAP on your account. This does not indicate they are preferred settings.

Not really sure what you’re referring to, the autodiscover preferences are found on the mail server you’re trying to authenticate with, e.g. based on the domain name in your email address. If IMAP is not enabled and you want to setup the account as POP3, use the manual setup.

Hope this helps,

Manual settings allowed me to configure using pop3 but still wouldn’t let me connect to server even though settings were taken from . The same settings are used on other clients eg outlook. I want to do a clean reinstall/reinstall to be sure old settings are removed but I find old email accounts are still there even after reinstalling ! Is it possible to do a clean reinstall of eM Mail? So I can have a clean start. Thanks

Hi Reg, by uninstalling the application, application data are kept in your user folder, you should be able to remove the application database in your user/App Data/Roaming folder on your computer.

However if there’s an error thrown while using identical settings, the issue may be held somewhere else, if you want to try to re-setup the account, and the issue persists, please make a screenshot of your current account settings including POP3/SMTP tabs from your account settings and submit the screenshot to us here on the forum.

Thank you.