Initial Free License set up

I can not locate the “Menu” in the upper left which means that I can not add the license that I was given. Do I have to wait the initial 30 days for this to show up? I would like to add the license now if possible.

It should be there.

Alt+M also opens the menu.

What version of eM Client and Windows are you using Anthony?

Hi Anthony & Gary,

This can happen when the eM Client window is too large for the screen
or positioned too high up…

See the latter case on my screen - deliberately done, but could happen accidentally…
(screenshot taken under actual conditions)

Solution for too high :
Place the mouse cursor just above   “New” button- or on the edge of the screen and drag
the window down.

Too large for screen - after dragging down, adjust the size of the window.


Thank you. I am using the MAC version and I can not adjust the window at all. Any other suggestions please.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

That’s why for any forum you should always specify
your OS and version and the applicaton version.

Especially when this forum is predominantly Windows based.
It avoids wasted effort by people trying to help.

Did you miss this page ?

I doubt it, since it’s the download page and clearly spells out
that the Mac version is in beta and to direct your concerns

I don’t use Mac, so don’t know about the window manager in Mac,
but surely you must be able to resize your windows. See below…

Anyway, it was an interesting exercise , albeit in futility… lol

Thank you for the feedback even if it was slightly sarcastic.
I saw that the MAC version is BETA and I know how to re-size the windows on said MAC. I just thought I was missing something. 
I will email testing and let them know my issue.
Thanks again!

Thank you also for your feedback,
Yes I was somewhat sarcastic ,but won’t apologize for it,
because there’s nothing there that isn’t true.

I like to help people, but people also have to help themselves.
A little effort on your part would have helped…

Sorry that the truth seems to offend you…or be less palatable…

As for your eM client problem, it looks like a coding problem in the Mac version.
Titlebar missing and no window resizing…

Take care 
and hope eM Client takes care of you…

As the beta version does not require to be licensed, the option is not available. This is by design.

For any further issues with beta versions please send questions and comments to

Thank you!!!