Infuriating and annoying procedures

Dear Sir, Madam, or other

I have tried to sign up for VIP support. Your link doesn’t work!!!
When I attach a jpg file to an email it goes through a process of linking with one drive!!! How do I stop this infuriating and time-consuming system???

Yours faithfully
A M Speigal

viernes 25 marzo 2023 :: 1358hrs (UTC +0100)

I do not understand what relevance there is between your attempt to sign up for
Vip Support and being unable to attach a .jpg file to an email; perhaps you could
be more explicit.

In the meantime here is a direct link to VIP extension sign up

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This function is called cloud storage attachments.

When larger attachments are added to messages, you have the option to save them to the cloud and only send a link in the message to the recipient. That allows you to send attachments larger than your email provider may allow.

You change the setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Cloud Storage Attachments.