infer contacts list

I transferred my email client to eM recently.
The contact list was previously held locally and while emails came down from the server, the contact list was lost when I uninstalled the other client.
I am looking to infer a contact list from the email history I have.
I don’t see any way to select all and then create contact from sender, or indeed even on a one off case.
Any help appreciated.

Unfortunately that is not possible to do automatically. You will need to go to each message and Add Contact manually.

What was the previous email client? Maybe the contacts are still somewhere on your computer. If they are, importing would be a solution.

Hi, thanks for the reply even if it is bad news. I was using Mailbird.

If the contacts were local (not synced with a server) then the data might still be on your computer. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Local, and see if there is a Mailbird folder there. You may need to enable hidden items in Explorer to do that. If the folder is there, the easiest option is to re-install Mailbird, then export your contacts, or sync them with an online provider (like Google).

eM Client can import vcf contact files, or from a csv file.

If your contacts were already synced with an online provider, you simply need to add that same account to eM Client and it will sync with the server.

Hi, thanks. The contacts are in fact on my server, so, I guess it should be straightforward, although perhaps it should have happened automatically…?

So that is good news then. :wink:

Who is the service provider? Maybe it is not setup automatically.

It is Runbox.
I’ll check with them.
Thanks again,

If they support CardDAV, then you can add it in Menu > Tools > Accounts then add a new account and choose Contacts.

Otherwise you may be bale to export the contacts using their web interface, and import that into eM Client.