Individual vs business Pro version License Manager

It appears Individual and Business are alike except for the License Manager. Can someone explain the difference. I see the pricing is the same for 2 licenses Business license includes License Manager checked and Individual doesn’t.

The pricing is different.

An individual 2 seat Pro license is €77.89, while a Business license for 2 seats is €93.47.

But what does that mean? If a user gets the Pro version without License Manager, how is that different from the Pro version for Bus with License Manager.

Does a user with Pro version without License Mgt unable to manage their licenses.

btw…I’ve been using pc’s for decades and tried all kinds of things. Your program is very good. I am coming from decades of Outlook and yours is the first I have used I still like after many months of using it.

Managing the licenses includes all sort of neat things like specifying signatures and if the weather is displayed in the calendar, so practically anything you can change in your settings can me managed through the License Manager.

For example, in a business, you might want every employee to have the same QuickTexts etc. but not allow them to add any other email accounts. That can be done through the License Manager.