Individual snooze and disable option are missing in Calander in latest eM client

In the latest version of eM Client 7 , individual snooze/disable option is missing (unlike earlier version). Only “snooze all” and “disable all” option is there, which is useless. Please restore individual snooze/disable option in upcoming versions.

the option to snooze and dismiss individual reminders is still there, only instead of selecting the reminder and clicking the button below you can now directly click the icons on the right side of the reminder, like so:


Thanks. Yes, I found it later that its location has been changed a bit. I must say that eM client is undoubtedly the best email client.

glad to hear you like the eM Client, even if we moved few things around a bit :slight_smile:


Even though the Snooze and Dismiss options are there, it is much more clumsy to try to use these compared to the previous version, as they are close together and I have to think about which is which each time.  I would really like to see either larger buttons on each reminder (preferably labeled “Snooze/Dismiss”), or have the bottom Snooze/Dismiss buttons back like the previous version.

Thank you

I agree. That’s what I meant.