Indicate email account in Inbox Preview pane

I have three email accounts.

When I use All Inboxes, it is impossible to tell which account each email is from in the Preview Pane…

There are just a bunch of emails, stacked up.

I know I could add a Rule for each account, but the biggest indicator I can see is a flag, which also isn’t very obvious.

It would be great if users could indicate a highlight color (background, font color, something) that would highlight emails from that account int he Preview pane.

Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance,


I have 12 emails accounts, so I feel your pain!    Here is the way I manage them.

  1. I have a Category for each account, then a color for that category.
  2. I set a rule for incoming mail on an account to be assigned the category.   The email is then colored in the message list.
  3. I have a search folder for Flagged messages, so then I see everything I need to attend to and can sort by account .  The color still show here if I need to sort by date to look at recent urgent items.

The only problem is when I read messages on my phone.  They are still flagged but the category does not apply because emclient downloads the message as already read.


Thanks for the reply, Beth.

This is what I had resorted to, but those tiny little tick boxes just aren’t very “noticeable”…

Anyhow, good enough for now, maybe I will get more used to them…  :slight_smile:


Actually the solution to your problem is quite easy. Expand the message list to over 600 pixels. Then you can configure the columns yourself by right-clicking in one of the column headers. Go to _ Columns Configuration _. One of the headers you can choose is Accoount. See screenshot.
(Of course you will profit from a large monitor (mine is 28".)

Hmm, thanks pefunk.

Unfortunately keeping that list open that wide doesn’t leave much room for the reading pane… :slight_smile:

Appreciate the reply nevertheless!


I have my setting to color the text of the email in the list based on the category.  It’s in settings, appearance then  check the box that says “Use Color of Category as Text”.

I also use the view my reading pane on the bottom.    I like the message list view better that way.

Oh, Barbara, that is HUGE!  :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!


With 12 email accounts, my  “All Inboxes” looks like a rainbow :slight_smile:

I’m color-blind, which doesn’t stop me from using colors, but it limits how many I can use and still be able to distinguish… I’m already struggling with colored category indicators.

Barbara had some great suggestions, but the colors won’t work, and the “accounts” column needs to be extremely wide to be useful, since most of my accounts start with my name.

A real, integrated solution for this would be a huge boost for me.

You can also right click on the columns and add a column for the category of the helps. I use the account column, and click on it to sort by account when looking at the flagged emails

Thanks Barbara, but I don’t use the flags in any reliable fashion, and sorting the “Smart Folders/All Inboxes” view by account is actually more awkward than checking every account.

If the “Account” column could show colors as aliases, it would be great.  I can only work with a handful of colors and be able to easily distinguish them across all 

As far as I know, you can only color the whole line.